Palak (Spinach) Paneer Idli

Spinach pureed- 1 cup ( No need to boil)
Paneer – 250 gms
Semolina(Suji) – 2 cup
Curd/yogurt – 1 cup
Eno pouch – 1
Salt – a little
Black pepper – a little
Oil – to grease

Spray oil in a non stick pan, cook square pieces of paneer by turning sides of paneer & sprinkle paneer with salt & black pepper.

Mix Spinach, semolina, curd & a little salt. Check consistency. If need more suji or need more curd then add it. Each semolina is different so quantity may vary.

Add eno & mix well.

Now grease idli container. Put half a spoon of mixture in it. Top with square piece of cooked paneer & then on top of that add another half a spoon of mixture & cover paneer well.

Steam it like other idlis for about 10 minutes.

Cut it in half before serving. Serve with ketchup, green chutney or garlic chutney.


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