Aloo Bhajjia


Grated Potato- 1
Singhada Flour- 1/2 Cup
Grated Ginger- 1 TBSP
Chopped Green Chili- 1
Oil to Fry
Chopped Cilantro- 1/2 Cup
Salt to Taste
Cumin Powder- 1/4 TBSP
Water- 1/4 Cup


​Grate potato and squeeze water out of it.  Mix singhada flour, ginger, cilantro, green chili, and salt in a fourth cup of water. Add grated potatoes. Mix it until it forms a thick paste, if required, add more water. Heat oil to fry. Take a spoonful of batter and pour into oil, oneat a time till it is crisp on both sides. Serve hot with chutney.


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