Double Decker Masala Sandwich

​ 6 slices of bread
Green chutney 2 Tb sp( I made with cilentro, green chillies, onion & ginger & salt & lemon juice)
Tomato ketchup 2 Tb sp Cucumbers 1
Goat cheese 4 TB sp or 4 slices
Potato chips of your choice- 8-10
Boiled potatoes 1
Butter as required Masala– ground roasted cumin & coriander seeds, add oregano & black salt

Cut boiled potatoes round in shape like chips.
Cut cucumber in round shape too Apply butter on one side of 1st piece of bread. Then apply green chutney. Put potato pieces on top of it & sprinkle masala on it & some drops of ketchup. Now apply butter on 2nd slice on both sides. Now cover the filled one with this slice. Now on top of it apply green chutney again. Then put sliced cucumbers & then put goat cheese & chips on it. Apply butter on one side of bread & then apply ketchup on it & put this side facing down on top of chips. Then cut it in your desired shape.
Enjoy 🙂


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